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We do what our name says. We manage large and small portfolios for high net worth individuals and corporations around the world

Global Portfolio Management is a financial firm incorporated in the sate of Delaware in United States. What we do is simple. We manage large to small portfolios for high net worth individuals & companies around the world. We have more than 30 years of experience in portfolio management and more than 18 sub companies to facilitate our work around the world. We have experts in most areas including & not limited to:

  • Real Estates
  • Stock & Shares
  • Precious stones
  • Cryptocurrencies


What we do best

Real Estates

We provide confidence, stability, and relevant solutions to property owners. Our oversight allows our clients to focus on their core business and to be confident that their assets are in capable hands. In a constantly fluctuating real estate market with unending time constraints, we provide our clients with a platform to leverage their resources. Our goal is to increase our clients’ return on investment.

Our goal is to maximize your commercial real estate asset by developing strategic business plans, instituting positive tenant relations, ensuring superior levels of tenant retention, and enacting long-term vendor relationships. Let us show you how we can accomplish your property goals and objectives and outperform your expectations.

Stock & Shares

When it comes to the stock market, sometimes it’s better to put your eggs in a few baskets and watch those baskets very closely. If you own too many stocks, you’re unlikely to know any of them very well. As a result, if the market turns, you’ll probably react slowly to the changing conditions.

Thats why we take the hard work out of your concerns. With our Stock & Share portfolio management service, you would never worry about when to take profit and what are sell signals.

Precious stones

Ask any financial advisor, and he or she will tell you that a key to preserving and growing wealth is finding the right asset allocation. Holding a diversified portfolio provides protection against the unexpected.

In times of serious economic uncertainty, the move to hard assets is even more pronounced. When investors see central banks desperately printing more money to generate economic growth, they understand that the value of the currency will fall. Moving some assets into commodities with tangible value is an effective way to reduce currency risk. "The best diamonds have become extraordinarily valuable," Geoffrey Munn, managing director of the London-based jeweler Wartski, said in an interview with Bloomberg. "There’s a sense at the moment that money is like sand running through fingers and there’s a scramble to buy jewels as a hedge."


Exposure to a particular cryptocurrency is primarily dependent on your risk appetite. This can be defined simply as, your tolerance towards taking risk. Using traditional investment markets as an example, if your tolerance towards risk is neutral, then a typical investment portfolio would be 50% equities and 50% bonds. Equities are known to be riskier than bonds, but also offer higher returns as a result. Conversely, bonds tend to be a safer asset than stocks, but offer a lower return over time as a result. Combined together, a balanced portfolio is produced, not too much risk, but also not too safe.

If we apply this to cryptocurrency, we can draw some parallels between the traditional markets and the cryptocurrency market. One would typically regard Bitcoin as being less risky than an unknown altcoin. From this, we can then tailor our level of exposure to suit our risk appetite. For example, a very risky portfolio might be 80% in small-cap cryptocurrency and 20% in Bitcoin. Using the information we have gathered so far, we can now construct our own long-term portfolio.


Our growth timeline

Acquisition of Unique Finance

On this day and after month of negotiations we finally came to an agreement with Unique Finance to buy 51% of their share and become the major shareholder of Unique Finance to expand our portfolio management abilities to global markets.


USD 100 Million milestone

For the first time since our existence, our annual turn around came out to be USD 1 Million. This was the greatest achievement for our team to prove we believe what we are doing.


First large Portfolio

Our first large portfolio was from a Spanish investor having more than 320 real estates in Spain, Puerto Rico and Mexico. This was a challenging time for us as we faced our greatest fear of managing the largest portfolio we ever had.


Formation of Global Portfolio Management

June 18, 1972 marks the day our founding fathers got together to form one of the largest portfolio management firms in the US.


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